Month: February 2011

Document screening API in GTS

My latest project has been building an interface for external systems to submit documents for SPL screening to our GTS instance.  SAP provides a standard API, actually a remote-enabled function module, for this very purpose: /SAPSLL/API_6800_SYNCH_MASS.

The first thing I always do with a new function module is pull up the documentation in SE37.  Unfortunately, SAP didn’t feel it was necessary to document this one.

Disabled documentation button
A disabled documentation button always looks so sad.

The next stop was Google: 7 results, mostly SDN posts, and none of which offered the comprehensive reference I needed.  I also tried an xSearch [OSS ID required] of the SAP Support Portal: 14 results here, consisting of the same SDN posts and some old OSS notes.  Bummer.  Last stop: much trial and error in the Function Module Test screen discovering which fields the FM requires you to populate and what values it expects for these fields.  Hopefully by documenting what I learned here I can save someone else the trouble. (more…)