Month: March 2011

GTS Tables

A few of the main tables for product screening in SAPs Global Trade Service (GTS) module.

/SAPSLL/PR – Product master

/SAPSLL/CTSNUM -List of HTS codes and ECCN numbers and their GUIDs.

/SAPSLL/CTSNUMC -List of Schedule B numbers and their GUIDs.

/SAPSLL/PNTPR – Product master mapping.  This table has the actual product number (PRVSY).  You can use this table to look up the product’s GUID (GUID_PR).

/SAPSLL/PRCTS – Product Master – Global Customs Tariff Numbers.  Lists HTS codes and ECCN numbers for a product.

/SAPSLL/PRCTSC – Product Master – Country-Specific Customs Tariff Numbers. Lists Schedule B numbers for a product.