Month: May 2011

SAP Workflow Extended Notification Logging

We’re changing the way we process workflow email notifications in SAP, moving from the old RSWUWFML2 method to the newer Extended Notification method.  While testing the Extended Notification by running the program SWN_SELSEN I noticed that each run generated 86 entries in the application log:

Looking closer, I saw that most of these entries were basically debugging messages: Entering and Leaving messages for each method that was called.  I don’t need that level of logging in production, so can I reduce it without turning off logging altogether?

Eventually I found that there is a parameter to control the level of logging.  It is maintained in transaction SWNCONFIG under General Settings.  The parameter name is MAX_PROBCLASS and you can set it to a value between 1 (Very Important) and 4 (Additional Information).  If no value is specified a default value of 4 is used.

You can see some additional information on this parameter by looking at the documentation for the data element BALPROBCL in SE11.