SAP Workflow Notification Scheduling

When configuring SAP Workflow Extended Notifications in transaction SWNCONFIG you have to specify run schedules for both the selection of work item notifications (“Schedule Selection”) and the delivery of notifications (“Delivery Schedule”).  Each schedule has a start time, end time, and interval.

The start time is required while the end time is optional.  So, what happens when you specify a start time without an end time?

You might assume as I did that the schedule will run at the specified interval from the start time to the end of the day.  In actuality though, SAP ignores the interval and runs the schedule once at the start time.  If you want the interval taken into account you must specify both the start and end time.

1 comment on SAP Workflow Notification Scheduling

  1. Handy Blog. thx. I’m toying with the extended notifications right now and have a situation where we want emails sent just twice a day: once before work and once around lunchtime. I was battling to work this out, but the idea shown above of just setting the start time looks like it might help. 😉
    Still confused at exactly how the selection and subscription work together though…
    What I’m trying to do is have the selection run at about 7am to pick up all NEW work items since the last run. Then a short time after, say 7:30am have the subscription send out the email (if work items exist).
    When I configure this though I tend to get weird results. Especially on the first run after making a change in swnconfig.